Sunday, February 3, 2013

Hunger Games colors from Bad B*tch Cosmetics

I purchased sample clamshells from Bad B*tch Cosmetcs on Etsy last year and finally wore some colors today. I have to say, they are extremely pigmented and gorgeous. I bought samples in The Hunger Games and Andy Warhol collections. This look is a mixture of both.

Lid is Katniss, a gorgeous Emerald/Piney green with medium sheen. Crease is Cinna, gorgeous gold with high shine. A little bit of Finnick in outer V, a great steel shimmer. Lower lash line is Ultra Violet from the Andy Warhol collection, great blue/purple. Edie is a soft white highlight from the Warhol collection used on brow. :-)

Saturday, February 2, 2013

I really miss this blog! I will be getting back into blogger, the setup is not user friendly so I hope to have my computer savvy programmer hubby help me a bit. Are you ladies still around?! What have you been wearing on your face lately? Give me some inspiration! also here is a link to an awesome giveaway!