Thursday, July 12, 2012

My Beauty Addiction FOTD

Good Evening Ladies. I'm up late than I should be for a work night so I'm making this a quickie. ;-) I haven't shared with you the very first Indie cosmetic company I've ever tried, which is My Beauty Addiction. If you go on their Etsy, be prepared to be overwhelmed with amazing colors in every shade of the rainbow. They carry anything from shadows, blushes, lipsticks, lip balms, facial health products, bath products, to foiling serum, primer, and even extensions. :-)

Soooo here's 4 of their products I wore today!

Shadows in Halo, Hawaii, Mocha Diamonds. Blush in Pretty In Pink.

The shadows are so pigmented, blend easy, and last all day. Some of them are SUPER shimmer/sparkly. Especially Mocha Diamonds. 

Check out her online store here!
Etsy Site:

I also want to add, they have SUPER fast shipping. Most of the time your item will ship out the next day. Check em' out! 

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  1. pretty. I've actually never tried them before. Mocha Diamonds looks pretty!