Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Mon Ennui Cosmetics Fun In The Sun!

Hey ladies! I wanted to do a quick blog and tell you about Mon Enuui cosmetics ME of the Month package. Every month from the 15-31st of each month, there will be a new ME of the Month package available to purchase. This package consists of 4 colors that have not been released in the shop. Each one is 12 dollars with free shipping! The shadows are the deluxe sample sizes, which come in a jar and is quite a bit of product. The shadows ship on the 1st day of the following month , all at the same time. You then can enter a raffle with a look you created from this kit, that is random. Sooooo without further ado, here was the very first ME of the month package, for July!

Fun In the Sun!

The first collection was a gorgeous shimmery nude set. Sand Castle and Summer Lovin are bronze and gold shimmers, Shady Lady is a lovely matte taupe-ish color (my personal favorite). Fire opal is a delightful shimmery white with red/orange color shifting properties.

See how pretty?!

Look I created below!

Check out Vivi's site to see all the lovely colors she has~

The new ME of the Month collection will be available to purchase beginning on the 15th of this month!
The cherry on top is, if you are a new customer, use my code 'Powder Room' at checkout, and receive 10% off of your first order! (This is a one time use code & not to be combined with any other offers)

Thanks for reading, much love xoxox-Liz


  1. What a fun offer! Those colors are awesome! Right up my alley! Beautiful look you did with them!

  2. Ooh pretty colors :D
    I haven't tried ME before but everything looks lovely on you.

    You should totally get a piercing if you want to. Honestly it did not hurt at all. That might be because I have a high tolerance for pain though.
    It was a bit scary since I did not know if it would hurt or not. It will hurt more afterwards since it gets a little sore. But the actual piercing will not feel like much.