Saturday, July 14, 2012

~New Image Minerals Haul~

I have been in such a turquoise/blue/green mode lately. So when I checked out the new colors in New Image Mineral Etsy store, I was so excited!

I purchased Swizzle, Moonbeam, and Envy. The look I did today was also with New Image Minerals Cranberry blush, and highlighter Antique Lace. :-)

I used Envy on the lid, Swizzle in the crease, Moonbeam lower lash line, and Antique Lace as a highlighter. Cranberry blush to top it off. I have about 9 of Heather's blushes, they are amazing. 

 Check out Heather's Etsy store:

Here's a photo of my complete order I recently made, I love everything.

Happy Saturday loves! xoxoxo-Liz


  1. This look is so stunning! I envy your perfect liner! That Cranberry blush looks awesome!

  2. Thank you so much, that means a lot because I have been trying to perfect my liner for a loooong time now. I finally gave up on tutorials and just started doing what felt right, lol. Cranberry is one of my favorite blushes. So gorgeous.

  3. Envy is STUNNING! It looks amazing on you! I agree with the commend above, your liner is perfect~!

    OMG I love Frost Salts and Moon Sugar together. They make the best combo!
    Thank you so much, it means so much that you would consider me when making your eyeshadow decisions ;D