Sunday, July 29, 2012

Unbound Eden Cosmetics Reformulated Lipsticks

Hello lovelies! A few weeks ago Laura over at Unbound Eden Cosmetics released her reformulated lip colors. Being a fan of her old lipsticks, I was excited for her to release some more. They come in six colors, are long lasting, and feel like a glove for your lips. Her colors are very similar to some of Lime Crime's gorgeous lippies, but cost less and to me a a bit more moisturizing. The six colors are 1)The Great Queen -deep red w/orange/brown undertones. 2)Barbarian Queen-Burnt Orange. 3)Nymph-deep peachy orange. 4.)Damsel-pastel peachy nude. 5)Cupid's Helm-soft pastel baby pink.(abit deeper than most pastels) 6)Fairy Folk-Pastel lilac.

                                                     Wearing Nymph-deep peachy orange.
                                                                       Cupid's Helm
                                                                      Barbarian Queen
                                                                       The Great Queen

Fairy Folk is currently sold out, and I do not have a swatch for that one! It is personally my favorite one. I did purchase it but it was a birthday gift for my sister. :-) To see it, along with all of UEC's products, visit her storenvy:

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  1. Those colors are soo pretty! I love you lipstick swatches I can never get good ones haha